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'98-'99 Picture Album
Page Two

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The biggest rub ever found in the Swamp!
Robert Smith poses beside the 14" diameter
cedar tree that was found after the '98-99 season.


On this February squirrel hunt, "Rock" and "Blue" are convinced that a squirrel is hiding in
this tree. They were right as usual.


Billy Malone shows off the 1st gobbler taken
in the Swamp during the '99 Season.


William Malone, Jr. and a '99 Gobbler.


Billy Malone and another '99 Gobbler.


(L to R) William Malone, 
Todd Burgess, & Don Lauderdale.
Todd's 1st turkey, 
killed on the W. A. Turkey Hunt.
This bird was one of 3 gobblers 
called and filmed by Don.



William Malone and his 2nd of the '99 season.


Third gobbler taken by William Malone
during the '99 Season.


Billy Malone and his 3rd gobbler
of the spring of '99.


Not pictured.... 
the big gobbler that got away!  
Maybe next year!


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