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Kill more Hogs!

This boar was shot in a dried up pond in late September of 1998.

This hog almost destroyed one of my traps before I got to him. He weighed 200 pounds!

My friend Judd Lisenby shows no mercy on hogs!

One more that did not get away!

A trap full of barbecue! This group fell victim to a pile of corn and Trap #1!

Learn much more about the wild hogs in the Horn Swamp by clicking on the main HOG PAGE. Also you can check for any recent hog hunting news at the BREAKING NEWS link, updated each Thursday. We're glad you are interested! Email with any questions you might have concerning these destructive animals. And by the way, if you don't have them already, trust me, you don't want them! It may sound fun but you give up a lot when you have hogs.

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