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Fine hunting in Wilcox County, Alabama

A local school, Wilcox Academy, offers three hunts each year to raise monies for its general fund. All hunting is done on private lands in the famous "Black Belt" section of Alabama, well known for its abundant wildlife.

The DEER HUNT, in its 15th year now, is held on the 2nd weekend of January each year. This coincides with the rut in our part of the state. Guided by a local hunter, you will hunt from a tree stand or your own climbing stand, if you prefer. You will hunt over wheat fields, hardwood bottoms, or pine thickets, in an area that has the highest deer densities of anywhere in the state. This is a unique chance to hunt on private lands that are seldom opened to the public.

Because many of the landowners also have tags for unantlered deer, you will have ample chances to take not only bucks but does also. Alabama buck limit is the most liberal of anywhere in the nation, a buck a day!

The hunt has been very successful over the years. In 1993, 69 hunters harvested 52 deer. In 1994, 79 hunters harvested 63 deer (44 bucks). 1995's hunt saw 89 hunters take 53 deer. 1996's hunt harvested 78 deer by 88 hunters. Both the 1997 and the 1998 hunts saw 100 hunters take over 130 deer, including some impressive bucks and a few wild hogs also! 1999's hunt welcomed 131 hunters who downed 156 deer! The record speaks for itself.

The standard package includes a Friday afternoon hunt, both a Saturday morning hunt and a Saturday afternoon hunt, and a Sunday morning hunt. An Old Southern Fish Fry on Friday night is included. Also the cleaning and packaging for travel of your kill is included. The price per hunter is $550. Lodging is not included but is available at one of the fine local motels. A limited number of slots are available to hunt an extra day for an additional $250, with the hunt beginning on Thursday.

With so many hunters attending year after year, this hunt fills up quick. Make your plans early to attend. Call Johnny Webb at (334) 682-4258 or email us for more information.

The TURKEY HUNT has been held each spring since 1972. The tentative date is scheduled for the 1st weekend in April each year. This hunt has also been very successful, with a handful of hunters attending almost every hunt held! There are less than 25 slots open for this hunt, as each hunter is paired with an experienced local hunter.

The hunt includes a Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning hunt, along with an Old Southern Fish Fry on Friday night. The cost is $500 per hunter. Lodging is not included but is available at one of our fine local motels. Contact George Fendley at (334) 682-5173 or email for more information.

The BOW HUNT has been going for a few years now and is quickly catching on. Held the 1st weekend of bowseason each fall (1st weekend after October 15th) hunters have a chance to beat the crowds into the woods. The bow limit in the state is a buck or a doe a day. The acorns are just beginning to drop in south Alabama at the beginning of bow season and the deer are really on the move!

The cost for the 2 day's hunt is $500 per hunter and includes lodging. Come enjoy Alabama's woods in the fall. Call Johnny Webb at (334) 682-4258 or email us for more information.

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