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'98-'99 Picture Album

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More photos of the 98-99 Season on PAGE TWO!


Tommy Malone and a big 8-pointer taken
from the "Red Field" in January of 1999!
The buck sported a 17 1/2" spread and long tines.


Jim Smith, of College Station, Texas, took this
buck while hunting in the Horn Swamp as part of Wilcox Academy's 1999 Deer Hunt.


Ten-year old Matt Whiting got his first deer inJanuary of 1999, guided by William Malone, Jr.  Matt shot the deer from 125 yards away with his .243 rifle.


Campfires, meals, and stories after
darkness settles on the Swamp.


Another photo of Tommy Malone's
impressive buck.


Little Ralph Martin and a monster
Swamp Rabbit killed on the
1999 Rabbit Hunt!


Eleven year old "Jo-Jo!"
The best rabbit hound in Alabama!


John Turner with another rabbit!


William Malone, Jr. and yet another
cottontail from the '99 Hunt!


Fleetwood Hollinger scopes out the
territory. "Wood" took the 1st
rabbit of the hunt.


J. B. Travis got plenty of action himself.


The hunters prepare for another round in the briar thickets.


Four hours later the hunt concluded
with 17 rabbits! A big time was
had by all! Can you tell?


This sow was one of 4 big hogs taken by
William Malone one weekend with a Mini-30 rifle.


More photos of the 98-99 Season on PAGE TWO!

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