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Wild Hogs

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manesshog.jpg (25986 bytes)
Osman Maness and a
300+ lb. boar! 

Malcolm Smith and a hog destined for the grill!


Chris Thornell found hog 
hunting to be lots of fun.


William Malone, Jr. and a
hog taken from a dried-up
pond in the late summer of '98.


William Malone, Jr. and another yet
another hog from the summer of '98.


Judd Lisenby shows no mercy on the swine!


This one almost destroyed my trap!


Yet another hog from the Swamp.


Can you say, "Bar-B-Que?"


pic9915.JPG (14782 bytes)
This was one of 4 big hogs taken in one weekend. 

Learn much more about the Hogs of the Horn Swamp at the Hog Page.


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